Clarity in a Changing Context

We are business advisors for sustainable growth.

Global context

A unique approach

The Earth Security Index creates an unparalleled view of the converging social and resource issues relevant to companies in a country or region. It supports the ability of companies to see the bigger picture of ESG risks they face in different markets, as well as the strategic opportunities to collaborate with governments on solutions for sustainable growth.

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“The major threats to our business feel increasingly out of our control”

Collaborate with stakeholders on what they care about the most.

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“There is a climate of mistrust”

Build trust in a company’s’ role in sustainable development.

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“We are the strength of our relationships”

Partner to build sustainable business solutions

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Business diplomacy in a changing context

A company's license to operate depends more than ever on its contribution to sustainable development and the quality of public-private partnerships. A rapidly changing context requires:



Evidence to navigate inter-dependent ESG pressures that are shaping a country's operating conditions, risks and opportunities


Translating the views, attitudes and contribution of critical stakeholders into new opportunities for win-win solutions


The collaboration models and investment opportunities that can create long-term value in line with global development goals
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