Arjen Hoekstra


Water Footprint Network

Arjen Hoekstra is Professor in Water Management at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He holds an MSc degree, cum laude, in Civil Engineering and a PhD degree in Policy Analysis, both from the Delft University of Technology. Hoekstra has a broad international network, lived in Europe, Asia and Africa and visited over fifty countries. He has led a variety of interdisciplinary research projects and advised governments, civil society organizations, companies and multilateral institutions like UNESCO and the World Bank.

Hoekstra is creator of the Water Footprint concept (2002) and established the interdisciplinary field of Water Footprint Assessment (WFA), a research field addressing the relations between water management, consumption and trade. He is founder of the Water Footprint Network, served as Scientific Director until 2012 and sits in the Supervisory Council since 2013.

He has been teaching in a variety of subjects, including: water resources management, river basin and coastal zone management, hydrology and water quality, sustainable development, natural resources valuation, environmental systems analysis, and policy analysis. He developed various educational tools, including the River Basin Game and the Globalization of Water Role Play.