Stephen Williams

Operations Manager

Stephen Williams is the Operations Manager at Earth Security Group. Prior to joining ESG he was the UK's Operations and Project Lead for Caterwings, a Rocket Internet company, where he collaborated closely with senior management to streamline operational processes across the company's different markets at a time of rapid growth.

Stephen has also worked alongside One Re's Chief Underwriting Officer to build risk models and analyse insurance and reinsurance scenarios for sub-Saharan African markets. He has also contributed to the development of Sheffield Renewables as part of the Sheffield Wind Team, supporting market research for regional development of renewables in the UK. Prior to that, Stephen was part of a team with WIHU International Nigeria Ltd which developed a recycling factory in Nigeria, creating a business model to recycle scrap rubber materials into rain boots.

Stephen actively contributes to Global Engineering Futures (GEF) an organisation seeking to support young engineers around the world to contribute to sustainable development projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sheffield and a masters in Finance and Investment from Sheffield Hallam University.