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From strategy design to implementation, we help clients to sharpen every step of their sustainable development journey.

By bringing the commercial objectives of a company into closer alignment with the SDGs, everyone stands to benefit. Companies and investors get more business value from their efforts. Countries and communities get more of what they really need.

01_Develop an impact strategy

There are growing social expectations that companies will be run for the broader benefit of society. We help companies to define an impact framework that focuses on material issues to their business and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We help companies to plan for positive impacts that will do more for their business and more for the world.

02_Deliver more local impact 

We help global clients to understand local impact priorities that matter most to their business. We provide unparalleled strategic analysis that informs decisions on country- and local-level action. We identify and engage local stakeholders to validate clients’ strategic decisions and broker the implementation of strategic impact partnerships.

03_Measure what matters

We help clients to select and develop performance indicators and metrics to measure the impact of their activities. As the pressure on businesses to measure their impact increases, we work with clients to develop metrics that matter to the business and that align a company's impact with its core business activities.

"Earth Security Group is providing business leaders with critical thinking on key risks and opportunities for truly sustainable business models."

PHILIPPE JOUBERT,  former President of Alstom Power

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