A corporate dashboard to guide SDG impact, investment and engagement


Schlumberger, a global leader in energy technology services, has chosen to strategically support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -- a call to action for governments, the private sector and civil society to contribute to end poverty, reduce inequality, spur economic growth, and improve health and education while also preserving the world’s ecosystems and avoiding climate change.

Identifying strategic SDGs where companies can have a positive impact through their core business, enables companies to become partners of choice to the countries in which they operate, connect commercial and societal objectives, and build long-term relationships that deliver value to clients, employees and host countries.

Our work

We work with Schlumberger to identify SDGs where the company can drive a positive impact and create commercial value. Since 2018, our collaboration has focused on:

  • Working together to identify SDGs and targets of relevance to Schlumberger's global operations and global stewardship program. This has ensured that the company will concentrate on areas where we can have the greatest impact at country, regional and global levels. These are summarised in Schlumberger's 2018 Global Stewardship report.
  • Earth Security Group is providing Schlumberger with a global dashboard that helps its regional management teams to track the most relevant SDGs for the countries in which they operate. This corporate-wide strategic framework increases the level of focus, prioritization and coordination of teams around impact, supporting Schlumberger global leadership and help countries advance the strategic achievement of the SDGs.