A private investment model for refugee-hosting areas in Jordan


The numbers of displaced persons have continued to grow around the world, driven by conflict, human rights abuses and natural disasters - increasing the pressure in refugee-hosting areas. The interest in mobilising private investment in order to alleviate these pressures, has continued to grow for UN agencies and donors. However, the direct engagement of the private sector on concrete investment and partnership models remains weak.

In the eve of the 2016 UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants in New York, Earth Security Group worked with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Global Programme on Migration, to shape the international agenda on how companies, investors and industry networks can work with donor agencies to scale solutions to socio-economic integration of displaced persons.

Our work

Earth Security Group presented a series of strategic opportunities for international agencies to work with the private sector to develop investment programmes and sustainable solutions in Jordan. The investment programme opportunities focus on growing sustainable business solutions in areas that are vital to political stability and security: food, energy, and housing.

The results included:

”Fulfilling our promise in the 2030 Agenda to leave no-one behind, implies finding durable solutions for the affected populations. Earth Security Group formulates practical recommendations to this objective and highlights ways to improve the interaction between public and private actors committed to change the future of displaced persons and host communities.”

Ambassador Pio Wennubst, Assistant Director General, SDC