Earth Security Index

We use the Earth Security Index to define and pursue new systemic impact opportunities for sustainable growth in key countries

How we apply the analytical framework to corporate strategy:

  • Systemic country challenges: Through contextual analysis, we focus on inter-connected country pressures that are material to the business.

  • Stakeholder identification: We expand and improve the identification of relevant stakeholders by connecting issue-areas and identifying new opportunity pathways.

  • Impact models: We develop more integrated value propositions, identifying the business models and partnerships that can deliver business value.

  • Brokering and implementation: We further support the design and implementation of new programmes where companies develop strategic initiatives with stakeholders

Our unique tool: The Earth Security Index

  • Maps a country's comparative position with the rest of the world on 39 issues using official country data, covering 190+ countries.

  • Uses 120+ data indictors from leading peer-reviewed data sources, covering key environmental, social and governance pressures.

  • Is fully modelled on, and aligned with, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the SDG targets.

  • Offers an innovative way to visualise material priorities and scenarios that provokes thinking outside the box.

  • It enables our context analysis, engagement and design of strategic initiatives that respond to critical country trends.

  • It is the basis for sound, data-driven recommendations on a country's context of risk and opportunities for a business.

”The Earth Security Index is shining a new light on more integrated solutions for the future. This is a very innovative tool that helps companies consider global resource inter-dependencies and future risks”