The Earth Security Dashboard helps global companies and investors in real assets to contribute to the sustainable development of the countries they invest in.


Use data and evidence to identify financially-material ESG issues in your markets based on SASB industry sector standards.


Align your contribution with a government's SDG targets, emissions reductions commitments and climate adaptation plans, to contribute to a country's sustainable future.


Provide local teams in different geographies with the ability to filter out the noise, and prioritise sustainability impacts on which to focus their contribution.


Create reports to convey your contribution to clients, investors and stakeholders in a standardised and engaging format.



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Learn how the Earth Security Dashboard helps businesses to plan and communicate their impact to clients, investors and stakeholders across their global marketplace.

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What leaders say

“ESG has developed a terrific tool to facilitate clear communication with internal and external stakeholders.”

Gary Kendall
Sustainability, Nedbank

“A tremendously innovative approach. This has not been done before so systematically.”

Jeffrey Sachs

UN Advisor

“Earth Security’s clear and powerful analysis shows how to focus on material SDG impacts.”

Daniel Klier
Group Head of Strategy, HSBC