Our impact analysis

Access a state-of-the-art platform covering 200+ countries that identifies trends and priorities for business impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

An SDG Country Dashboard

  • Fully customisable, globally comparable datasets allow users to rank SDGs across all countries and regions, embedding leading SDG-related indexes into one accessible framework.

  • Using 120+ data points, we visualise the SDG priorities and material issues for companies, measuring SDG targets for 200+ countries.

Country impact briefs

  • Defines the country SDG priorities that matter to business growth, analysing the material issues for companies.

  • Creates a systemic analysis of SDG converging pressures, highlighting the trends and scenarios that are critical to sustainable companies.

Business model innovations

  • Recommended sustainable business models for country concerns show the opportunity to align commercial and sustainability imperatives.

  • Provides the information to make choices in the engagement of stakeholders and an innovation approach to stakeholder partnerships.

Metrics and data

  • Allows companies to aggregate country data into regional profiles, enabling global comparability of priorities across markets and regions.

  • Provides information on key SDG priorities of countries that matter to business, in order to benchmark and measure impact.