Our work is shaping the decision-making of companies and governments around the world to confront resource crises with a perspective of long-term value.


Extractive companies are called to demonstrate a greater alignment to the social and environmental priorities of host countries in which they operate, in order to improve the trust in their capacity to be drivers of sustainable development.


Energy & Infrastructure

Energy & infrastructure companies are challenged by more extreme weather and land use changes, and are called to adopt a strategic position on new issues like ecosystem services in order to mitigate the risks in local markets.


Food & Agriculture

Companies in the food & agriculture sector are being called to partner with a range of stakeholders, from governments to local communities, to turn the prospects of conflicts over land, food and water into opportunities for sustainable growth.



Financial institutions, from insurance to banking and asset management, are being called to go beyond compliance with social and environmental factors to explore new areas of financial innovation and opportunity, and make their portfolios future ready.