Our CEO in the Financial Times: China’s clean power super-grid key to Asia’s stability

ESG’s CEO Alejandro Litovsky writes in the Financial Times about the importance of China’s energy investments in its Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) to the global energy transition [read article here]. It recommends that investors and companies align with China’s bigger plans to build a clean power super-grid that connects Asia across borders and time-zones.

This is vitally important in Central Asia, where water scarcity is a geopolitical risk for BRI energy investments. Climate change scenarios and melting glaciers will most certainly create electricity shortages and losses in hydropower investments.

Investing in transboundary electricity inter-connections, which rely on the interdependence of countries using renewable power, is a critical step to making energy projects resilient to the pressures that Earth Security Group has anticipated for the region. This would position BRI to offer a new path for deeper cooperation in Central Asia, and make China’s regional influence a positive force for sustainable development.

These were outlined in more detail earlier this year, in the Earth Security Report 2017, sponsored by HSBC and the Swiss Government, which provided Chinese investors and private banks involved in China’s Belt & Road projects with more detailed recommendations on how to respond to these and other sustainable development challenges through their investment framework [See CEO Briefing in English and in Chinese]