ESI changes name to Earth Security Group


The Earth Security Initiative has changed its name to Earth Security Group. As a company that sits at the interface of corporate business and government policy-makers, the Earth Security Group will support their strategic engagement on policy innovation and sustainable investment cooperation to respond to complex sustainability risks. Through its non-profit arm, the group is also raising its ambition to improve the clarity and focus with which global business and policy-makers partner to respond to complex sustainability challenges.

The Earth Security Group founder & CEO, Alejandro Litovsky explained:

“The ‘initiative’ has been the creative platform under which we have developed a new agenda, a strategic tool (the Earth Security Index) and its application through projects. We are now evolving into the Earth Security Group, which I believe will be one of the most innovative and strategic companies helping global business and governments to engage and work together on the sustainability challenges of the 21st century.”

Ahead of the launch of the “Earth Security Index 2015 Report” scheduled for January 2015 with corporate, government and foundation partners, the group is focusing the world’s attention on case studies of inter-dependent risks between markets for strategic commodities. These will provide direction for “how” global companies and policy-makers can begin to build resilience in some of the world’s most complex resource challenges, and a blueprint for implementation projects with partners around the world.

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