New ‘SDG Business Dashboard’ tool makes SDGs a driver of commercial growth

Today we formally launched the SDG Business Dashboard, a simple, online strategy tool that we have developed to help companies to integrate SDGs that are most critical to their long-term business growth.

The tool creates buy-in from senior management by showing the commercial impacts of SDGs targets for a business. It cuts through the complexity of the SDGs for business, complementing existing approaches by focusing specifically on aligning the SDGs to business growth.

The tool’s framework does this by defining critical SDGs for a company’s:

  • Operational risk: SDG targets that have a material impact on the costs and resilience of the company.
  • Licence to operate: SDG targets that affect the company’s licence to operate and relationships with stakeholders.
  • Innovation opportunities: SDG targets that create opportunities to innovate in products, services and models that enable sustainable growth.

Global companies are using the tool to:

  • Create a position on the SDGs based on material business issues.
  • Bring a commercial logic to engage senior management on the SDGs.
  • Support collaboration with stakeholders based on business value.
  • Define corporate goals and metrics for strategic impact.

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