Our Partnership Platform

Catalysing private sector action

Our publicly-funded projects help business and governments to partner for sustainable development across diverse industries and geographies - anticipating critical risks and working together to scale solutions to climate resilience and sustainable development.

Our public projects

  • Develop the data-driven strategic foresight that enables the private sector and governments to identify strategic collaboration pathways in vulnerable countries.
  • Shape business models, value chain solutions and partnerships to scale climate resilience and sustainable development in key industry sectors and regions.
  • Work with governments and UN agencies to shape opportunities and increase their strategies to collaborate with the private sector.
  • Engage investors and financial institutions on new ways to direct private capital to sustainable industries and companies.

Our approach in action


Strategic partners

Earth Security Partnerships works with global and local partners around the world to develop new models of business engagement and private-public collaboration based on principles of resilience, inter-dependency and cross-sector collaboration.


"Earth Security shows how investments can anticipate the demands for social inclusion that will prevail in different regions."

Frannie Leautier, Senior Vice President, African Development Bank


"Earth Security is activating the corporate sector towards a fact-based dialogue on development priorities. It proposes models to move from corporate philanthropy to business diplomacy."

Ambassador Pio Wennubst, Assistant Director-General, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation