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SABMiller becomes the leading company to link business growth with the SDGs


In 2016, the entering into force of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created a new global framework for companies committed to aligning their businesses to sustainable growth.

SABMiller's (now part of AB InBev) Prosper strategy had already set ambitious corporate goals for 2020 to advance the prosperity across social, environmental and economic dimensions.

Our brief was to create a way for SABMiller to link its sustainable growth strategy to the SDGs, conceptualising and designing the company's SDGs framework, for SABMiller to demonstrate how its Prosper strategy is aligned with, and its leadership actively contributes to, the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


Our work focused on the following results:

  • The SABMiller’s 2016 Sustainability Report features an original SDG framework that shows how the company has aligned the SDGs with its sustainable growth strategy across vital areas of the business.
  • The new framework was used by selected country subsidiaries as a tool to engage their stakeholders, in particular governments, in advancing cooperation in priority areas for the business.
  • The framework was also used to create a management tool that allows the business, across functional corporate roles, to use the SDGs to consider risks to operations and license to operate; innovation opportunities for growth; and societal priorities where they should focus.


Our Work

ESG’s work focused on key outcomes:

  • Developing a conceptual framework that maps SABMiller's Prosper strategy to the SDGs, using critical thinking and analysis of how the Prosper approach articulate with the SDGs; 
is clearly articulated for senior leaders to incorporate; and can be visually represented in alignment with Prosper's existing framework.
  • Applying the framework to develop case studies along the company's core business areas, describing how the SDG framework creates value in the practical context of a business.
  • Mentoring the applicability of the framework by selected local businesses, as a tool to engage with policy-makers and stakeholders in cooperation opportunities.
  • Supporting the development of SABMiller's 2016 Sustainable Development Report positioning the company as a thought leader on the role that business can play in meeting the SDGs.
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“We are thrilled to have worked with Earth Security to take a strategic approach to the SDGs. The project has helped us to better understand and articulate our strategic challenges and the opportunities to draw on the SDGs to deliver both commercial and development impact.”