Senior Manager


About us

Earth Security Group is a pioneering global advisory company that develops the strategic intelligence for global investors, companies and governments to align investments with long-term sustainable development and resilience.

Through its non-profit platform, ESG works in countries exposed to climate risks, applying its strategic foresight and private sector engagement to develop and broker innovative financing partnerships to build climate resilience and inclusive development.

The position

The Senior Manager will be responsible for delivering private sector innovation projects that create and broker strategic pathways for industry sectors, investors and governments to advance innovative financing models and opportunities for sustainable development.

ESG’s projects typically blend strategic trends analysis; innovation research to identify business solutions and financial innovation models that address resilience challenges; and the engagement, mobilization and brokering of stakeholder partnerships working with a range of actors, including UN partners. ESG’s projects are funded by international donor agencies and foundations, or working alongside corporate clients in specific countries of operations.

The candidate will have a good understanding of the role of the private sector in sustainable development, as well as hands-on experience in promoting sustainable business models in the fast-paced political environment of developing countries and in collaboration with government agencies.

The successful candidate will have:

  • a strong background in research and analysis specific to resource-related, sustainable development challenges working at regional and country levels.
  • experience in innovation research, and ability to identify business and finance innovation models and opportunities to advance sustainable development;
  • demonstrated experience in engaging leading companies and investors to define the suitability and applicability of innovative business models in specific contexts.
  • experience mobilizing networks of senior leaders in the private sector and convening cross-sector workshops to advance public-private partnerships.
  • experience working with diverse range of funders and managing partner relationships at the country-level and as part of multi-year funding consortia.

Main responsibilities

From project inception to project delivery, the candidate will be responsible for driving the research on trends and innovative models, and mobilizing a network of global and country partners necessary to achieve impact. Specifically, s/he will be responsible for:

  • Project leadership: The candidate will be expected to deliver high-quality research, project activities and outputs. In doing so, s/he will also task, manage and integrate the input of other analysts, ensuring he overall delivery of high-quality outputs on tight schedules.
  • Lead research and strategic analyses: The candidate will have exceptional research and analytical skills, and experience developing research outputs such as reports and briefs for a private sector audience that presents the business case for innovative models, value chain solutions, and financing partnerships.
  • Engage a network of private sector stakeholders: The candidate will have experience in engaging the private sector in developing countries and will actively involve relevant stakeholders through interviews, meetings and workshops, to implement the recommendations identified through the research.
  • Manage partner and client relationships: The candidate will have a client-facing role and serve as the point person for partners and donors on the day-to-day management of projects. S/he will provide strategic input to project concepts/proposals and business development efforts.

Professional qualifications


  • At least 10 years of professional experience in a relevant institutional setting.
  • Relevant experience in engaging the private sector in sustainable development.
  • Experience leading research across industry sectors and sustainability issues and producing practical research and analysis aimed at senior audiences.
  • Strong familiarity with innovative sustainable business and finance innovations, mechanisms and strategies.
  • Experience mobilizing and facilitating senior leaders in the private sector to engage in sustainable development agendas.

Competencies and skills

  • Proven analytical skills and the ability to research, write and develop strategic reports and briefs for private sector audiences.
  • Proven leadership in conceptualizing, planning, and executing strategic projects;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving attitude, and proven experience leading teams in the delivery of action-research programs.
  • High-proficiency in written English (as mother tongue) is essential as well as excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to meet deadlines under pressure and manage multiple tasks and competing priorities.
  • Productive, energetic, task oriented, and adept at providing and receiving constructive feedback;
  • Experience working on projects in emerging economies strongly preferred.

How to apply

Time and availability: This is a full-time, permanent position.

Required Travel: Travel will be required (5-10% of the total time approximately)

Remuneration: Competitive

Work permit: The applicant must already have legal permission to work in the UK indefinitely.

Location: Central London

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