Senior Research Analyst

(Sustainability and Development)

About us

Earth Security Group is a pioneering global advisory company that is developing the strategic intelligence for global investors and companies to align their investments to impact on sustainable development and resilience. Through its non-profit platform, ESG deploys its strategic analysis capabilities working together with global partners to advance innovative climate finance partnerships at the frontlines of climate change.

The position

The Senior Research Analyst will produce analyses that enable companies and investors to navigate the energy transition, climate resilience and social priorities in key regions of the world. He/she will develop the research and analysis at the heart of ESG’s strategic projects, shaping analytical outputs for senior-level decision-makers in global investment and international business.

The candidate will be expected to engage with senior decision-makers across sectors, from the spheres of global finance, industry, civil society, UN agencies, and development institutions. She/he will be directly involved and contribute to high-level consultations and workshops that help to advance private sector action on climate finance, impact investment and global resilience.

The Senior Research Analyst will be part of a small and dynamic team that fosters innovative thinking and personal growth, which is known for the highest quality of analytical thought and outputs, working in a highly collaborative professional environment.

Professional qualifications & experience

We are looking for outstanding individuals that are curious to expand their fields of knowledge and seek to combine strategic analysis with a strong impact orientation.

The candidate will have a track-record of carrying out strategic analyses in a relevant field, such as country ESG risk analysis, sustainable finance research with a strong focus on regional contexts, and political economy of sustainable development. The candidate’s experience will show an ability to independently conduct qualitative analysis covering a wide spectrum of factors like social development, energy transition, climate resilience / adaptation and impact finance, amongst others, synthesizing drivers and trends and translating the strategic implications for investment.

Through her/his track-record, the candidate will demonstrate a solid understanding of the opportunities that companies and investors face in relation to global and country sustainability pressures and impact opportunities.

The candidate will be able to work comfortably across multiple industry sectors and regions of the world and excel at desk-based research combined with stakeholder interviews. He/she will also have excellent analytical thinking and writing skills, having had experience developing analytic and written deliverables for senior-level audiences that effectively communicate key findings and recommendations.

The candidate will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • At least 3-5 years of professional research experience (e.g. political risk intelligence, business sustainability analysis, sustainability impact analysis).
  • A post-graduate degree that has developed the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of research methods and strategic analysis of political economy.
  • A proven ability to synthesize research into well-presented findings, conclusions, and recommendations that reflect excellent analytical and English-language writing skills.
  • Versatility when it comes to working across industry sectors (e.g. impact finance, energy, agribusiness, infrastructure, technology, extractives, health) and regions of the world.
  • An understanding of common sustainable development challenges facing businesses and investors and ways in which companies can partner with global and local stakeholders for positive impact on sustainable development goals.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and proven experience engaging with senior external stakeholders through interviews and workshops.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to set priorities and deliver projects under pressure. Candidates must be able to work effectively as part of a team, with a positive attitude of taking initiative and supporting others.

Position details

Time and availability: This is a full-time position.

Remuneration: Competitive

Work permit: The applicant must already have legal permission to work in the UK indefinitely.

Language: High-proficiency in written English as a mother tongue is essential, as well as excellent English editing skills.

Location: Central London/South Bank

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