"Earth Security Group emphasizes the need for a systems based approach to rethinking business models, focusing on SDGs that are material to their growth and resilience of companies."

PETER BAKKER,  President
World Business Council for Sustainable Development

“Earth Security Group has developed a terrific tool to systematically examine the SDGs, helping business make sense of a complex agenda, and facilitate clear communication with internal and external stakeholders.”

GARY KENDALL, Strategy and Sustainability Specialist

“The Earth Security Index is shining a new light on more integrated solutions for the future. This is a very innovative tool that helps companies consider global resource inter-dependencies and future risks”

VALERIA MILITELLI, Head of Corporate Affairs,
Cargill Brazil

“Earth Security’s clear and powerful analysis sets out both how to integrate ESG issues strategically and how to focus on SDG impacts that are material to economic growth.”

Group Head of Strategy and Global Head of Sustainable Finance, HSBC

“This is a tremendously innovative approach that puts complex interconnected sustainability risks centrally and strategically on the global business and diplomacy table. This has not been done before so systematically.”


“Earth Security provides a clear analytical roadmap for business and investors to understand the commercial imperatives at the center of the SDGs.”

JOHN DANILOVICH, Secretary General
International Chamber of Commerce

“The Earth Security Group shows how investments can anticipate the demands for social inclusion that will prevail in different regions.”

FRANNIE LEAUTIER, Senior Vice President
African Development Bank 

"Earth Security Group is providing business leaders with critical thinking on key risks and opportunities for truly sustainable business models."

PHILIPPE JOUBERT,  former President of Alstom Power

“The Earth Security Index helps to activate the corporate sector towards a fact-based dialogue on development priorities. It proposes to embed new collaborations in a much needed process of business diplomacy that goes beyond corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.”

AMBASSADOR PIO WENNUBST, Assistant Director-General
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

“This intelligence will support companies as they embark on the journey to align their business with the sustainable development agenda.”

LISE KINGO, Executive Director
UN Global Compact

“The Earth Security Index is refreshing for anyone interested on out of the box thinking on energy matters.”

ANDREY KORTUNOV, Director General
Russian International Affairs Council

"ESG’s practical understanding of how to improve business and policy coordination provides a strategic direction forward.”

RAHIMAH ‘IMA’ ABDULRAHIM, Assistant Director-General
The Habibie Center, Indonesia

“We are thrilled to have worked with Earth Security to take a strategic approach to the SDGs. The project has helped us to better understand and articulate our strategic challenges and the opportunities to draw on the SDGs to deliver both commercial and development impact.”

ANNA SWAITHES, Director of Sustainable Development
SABMiller (now AB Inbev) 

“The Earth Security Group has made an important contribution to the insurance sector’s development in India. FICCI is delighted to be ESG’s partner.”

DR A. DIDAR SINGH, Secretary General
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry