What we do 

We provide companies and investors with the strategic insight needed to create business value in their sustainable development impact.

Strategic insight

We combine a quantitative framework with the qualitative analysis of trends and business models, helping companies focus on issues and impact models to maximise strategic value.

Our services

We provide senior management with the practical clarity to align business and societal interests, using the SDGs as a business impact framework:

Respond to local material priorities

Focus on local material business priorities by understanding the SDG-based country pressures shaping business risks and opportunities.

Drive change through core business

Invest in positive local change on issues and models that build resilience to SDG priorities for the business.

Adopt a systematic global corporate framework

Internalise a robust and transparent methodology to assess country SDG impact priorities in a globally-comparable way across all countries and regions of operation.

Leverage sustainable finance opportunities

Identify sources for blended financing across public and private investors, and improve the investment screens and metrics using the SDGs as an investment framework.

"Earth Security Group has developed a terrific tool to systematically examine the SDGs, helping business make sense of a complex agenda, and facilitate clear communication with internal and external stakeholders."

Gary Kendall, Strategy and Sustainability Specialist, Nedbank


“Earth Security Group’s clear and powerful analysis shows how to focus on SDG impacts that are strategically material to economic growth."

Daniel Klier, Group Head of Strategy, HSBC


"Earth Security has helped us to better understand and articulate our strategic challenges and the opportunities to draw on the SDGs to deliver both commercial and development impact."

Anna Swaithes, Director of Sustainable Development SABMiller (now AB Inbev)


"Earth Security Group emphasizes the need for a systems-based approach to rethinking business models, focusing on SDGs that are material to their growth and resilience of companies."

Peter Bakker, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development